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My patients often ask me how to rid their bodies of the toxic byproducts of mRNA injection misadventures, or infection by the Chinese Wuhan virus. The experimental gene therapy products manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna were designed to hijack the body’s immune system to manufacture the most recognizable component of the  weaponized virus bioengineered in a lab in Wuhan, China in 2020 and released to the world. This component, known as a spike protein, was meant to stimulate an immune response that would destroy the virus. Unfortunately, it also stimulated coordinated destruction of the cells that produced the spike protein and the surrounding tissue that the spike protein embedded itself into. This includes the testicles, ovaries, and heart. As long as the spike protein resides in the body, any tissue near to it remains at risk of immune-mediated destruction. Over the long-term, the immune system itself is compromised and begins to attack any cell in the body, regardless of its proximity to a spike protein. Spike proteins are toxic and can be life-threatening.

My colleagues Drs. Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, and Joseph Mercola have published numerous articles (many found in The Epoch Times) proposing methods of cleansing the body of spike proteins. Their proposals now have evidence-based research behind them showing measurable benefit in spike protein reduction.

Resveratrol, milk thistle, pine bark, dandelion, magnesium, curcumin, and krill oil all assist the body in eliminating spike protein. Several of these can be combined into one supplement to minimize the total number of supplements needed. The foundational supplement, however, must be nattokinase. Nattokinase is produced by the fermentation of the soybean. Known as “natto,” fermented soybeans are popular in Japan and have been long thought to offer unique health benefits when eaten daily. Nattokinase is now available in supplement form and can be used effectively as a starting point for spike protein detoxification.

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