I reunited with America’s Frontline Doctors in Washington, D.C. for the AFLDS White Coat Summit 2023 and summarized what I see as the damage wrought by three years of institutionally-instigated fearmongering in my talk Crippled by Fear. I also addressed a critical missing piece in the process of moving forward in my talk on Accountability. What most intrigued me, though, were James Lindsay’s thoughts on American Maoism. I had a conversation with him on The National and Human Psyche, where we shared our respective views on the state of the nation—and the world, to some degree—and how the human mind has been manipulated by a very powerful but misguided and immoral elite who intends to do us terrible harm.

Since 2020, we have been bombarded by an endless barrage of seemingly disconnected issues: attacks on medical freedom, dilution of constitutional rights, environmental activism, critical race theory, transgenderism, centralized digital currency, 15-minute cities. Some Americans are involved in more than one issue, but none have launched into every one. How could they? It would take up more time than exists in a day. And that’s the point…

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