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I see more patients now with some form of dementia than ever before. Perhaps they were on the edge in 2020, and two plus years of extended isolation, oxygen deprivation from forced masking, and anti-social distancing have hastened the decline. Certainly, as the population ages, cases increase. What can be done?

First, lifestyle.

Aerobic exercise (like a daily brisk walk for at least 20 minute) is critical. This strengthens the circulatory system and promotes blood flow to the brain. Protecting blood vessels from inflammation by lowering sugar intake supports good blood circulation as well. Preferably, exercise outdoors, as exposure to sunlight moderates mood and improves vitamin D levels, which is neuroprotective. There may be something more, though.

New research is showing that one simple remedy may slow cognitive decline and protect against the development of dementia.

Vitamin B12, essential for healthy brain and nerve function, is showing promise in the research of remedies for dementia. Building neurons requires B12, a substrate of neurotransmitters that allow neurons to communicate with one another. It is also used to create the insulation that surrounds neurons and ensures the passage of inter-neuronal communication. The loss any aspect of neuron production, protection, or communication results in neurodegenerative disease, including dementia.

Eating high quality meat ensures adequate vitamin B12 intake.

A vegetarian or vegan diet does not provide the necessary B vitamins for proper neuron generation or maintenance. This is one reason why vegetarians and vegans suffer from a higher rate of neurologic disease, including dementia, compared to the rest of the population.

Consuming large amounts of omega three fatty acids replenishes the lipids required to support healthy brain tissue. It’s nearly impossible to do this through diet alone, which is why I recommend everyone take a concentrated fish oil supplement. And unless you are able to get at least 20 minutes a day of full body sun exposure, a high-dose vitamin D (with vitamin K) ensures a healthy vitamin D blood level.

Combining aerobic exercise, a well-balanced diet that includes meat, and the judicious use of supplements can delay the onset and slow the progression of dementia. Once dementia has progressed beyond the initial stage, there is no pharmaceutical drug that can effectively slow or treat the illness.

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