Today I interrupt my usual proclamation of darkness settling upon us to offer a different kind of announcement: In the ongoing culture way, we have achieved a rare and important win for the side of truth and freedom. California Assembly Bill 2098 has been repealed.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed the October 1, 2023 repeal of AB 2098 by the California state legislature. Known as the “medical misinformation bill,” this dangerous piece of legislation authorized the suspension of the medical license of any physician in the state of California who expressed disagreement with the political orthodoxy of the Democrat supermajority in Sacramento. A few examples…

“I don’t recommend you mask your child.” Suspension.
“The mRNA injections are of no medical value and may harm you.” Suspension.
“The isolation and quarantine of healthy people violates all public health policy of the last 60 years.” Suspension.

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