On October 7, Hamas terrorists massacred over 1,000 Israeli civilians, killing the most Jews in one day since the second world war. The actions of Hamas were indistinguishable from those of the Nazis. Women were raped. Grandmothers were taken hostage. Entire families were executed or burned alive in their homes. Babies were shot in the face and decapitated in their cribs.

Photographic and video evidence of all this and more was recorded and published online by the Hamas terrorists themselves. So, there can be no debate about what has happened—no possibility of propaganda or conspiracy theorists or other alternative explanations to the horror visible on every screen in every home. Israel has now realized that treating Hamas as a redeemable organization or a potential partner for peace was a grave error. The government and its people are now unified in acting quickly to obliterate Hamas, whatever the cost. Israel’s survival depends on it.

Many here in the US are celebrating the attack. It appears we have reached an inflection point: The moral divide between the two Americas has been made crystal clear, and every American has chosen a side. There are only two sides to choose from, and one is evil. If left unchecked, that side will destroy us.

Americans and American institutions have come out in defense of the terrorists. Incredibly, many blame Israel for the atrocities. A coalition of 34 Harvard University student organizations co-signed a letter stating, “We…hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.”

A pro-Hamas student demonstrator amazingly called those supporting Israel “Nazis.”

Black Lives Matter (BLM), which has been a racist hate organization since its founding, fully exposed its anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist beliefs by posting an image on Twitter of a paraglider descending from the sky holding a Palestinian flag, with the words “I Stand With Palestine” beneath it, clearly a reference to the massacre of 260 young people at an outdoor concert near the Gaza border, where terrorists parachuted in to execute everyone in attendance. In other words, BLM supports the assassination of civilians. Less obvious yet equally vicious positions were announced by “mainstream” news outlets like CNN and NBC, which seemingly blamed Israel for the “cycle of violence,” calling for “moral equivalency” between Israel and Hamas, whose terrorists they referred to as “fighters” and “militants.” The Associated Press (AP) even banned the word “terrorist” when referring to Hamas in its articles, lest the terrorist group be stigmatized rather than revered as a band of virtuous freedom fighters.

Prominent politicians, all Democrats, resoundingly condemned Israeli as a colonizer that deserved to be raped. The real victim here is Palestine! They announced this as images of charred corpses and infant body bags proliferated on social media. Ilhan Omar, an ungrateful, anti-American and anti-Semitic, truly despicable human being once again condemned Israel as an “apartheid state” and compared the Israeli victims murdered by Hamas terrorists to Palestinians died in the inevitable Israeli response. She said this proudly, spitefully, and without apology.

Many may say in response, “So what? The conflict in the Middle East doesn’t concern me.” It should. The massacre by Hamas occurred for many reasons: the perception of Israeli weakness and division, an Iran emboldened by an apologist Biden regime that one month earlier released $6 billion of frozen funds to the Ayatollah, easy access to the terrorists to sophisticated American weapons left behind in Afghanistan after the US abandoned its bases in 2021. We are in large part responsible for having voted in a government that invited it. The invasion of Israel and the civilian massacre by Hamas would not have occurred under President Trump.

The ugly truth is that the current government and those who support it are paving the way to a similar attack here in the US.

Today, after two years of no southern or northern border, the United States has been seeded with terrorists, spies, and drug cartels that are now organizing with shared interests to take down and take over our country. Syrians, Chinese, and Mexicans with ties to terrorism, the CCP, and fentanyl have flooded across both borders since Biden came to power. They have the ability to launch domestic attacks on a scale even greater than Hamas, including the sabotage of public utilities—water, electricity, gas, and nuclear power facilities. If they were to work in concert, the entire country would be thrown into chaos within hours, and we would be incapable of responding. We are preoccupied with “climate change,” “transgender affirmation,” “anti-racism,” and “right-wing Christian nationalism.” We call the prisoners languishing in the basement of the DC jail--peaceful protestors who challenged the results of a fraudulent election on January 6—insurrectionists and domestic terrorists. We call supporters of Israel Nazis. The real terrorists we call victims. We have blinded ourselves to moral truth, and, consequently, to evil.

Any American who is unable to or refuses to see evil when it announces itself as clearly as it did with the recent attack on Israel by Hamas is not only morally broken but also dangerous. Politicians, news networks, and organizations that apologize for or promote terrorism while condemning the only virtuous nation in the Middle East cannot be relied on to do good or to protect the good that remains in the United States. Our nation is divided, and the divide is more than political.

The divide is moral. It is between good and evil. It is between those who condone or encourage evil and those who recognize and fight it.

Now there can be no further doubt where we all stand. In confronting true evil, there can be no compromise, no negotiation. Israel is not fighting an enemy that thinks as civilized people do. We would be wise to not make the same mistake as Israel and assume that those who want us dead can be treated as disgruntled equals. We are next. Evil is among us. And it is coming for us. The only path to victory is its eradication. Our survival depends on it.