Two days ago I posted a link on LinkedIn, with multiple hashtags, to a clip from a video interview with Mikki Willis for Plandemic III, titled “The Dangers of Education.” Within seconds, it was taken down by LinkedIn. Apparently, the hashtags were too controversial and smelled of “misinformation.”

The following morning I reposted just the link, with no hashtags. After a few hours, a human at LinkedIn discovered the Plandemic website is far too dangerous for LinkedIn members to view, so not only was the post taken down a second time, but my account was locked as well. Worse, I was informed by the “LinkedIn Trust and Safety Team” that “due to suspicious activity,” I would need to verify my identity to restore access. This identity verification process would require the submission a scanned image of my passport.

I will certainly NOT be doing that.

Soon after that I began receiving messages from people telling me that they could no longer get to my LinkedIn account. Apparently my entire account had been taken down. If you go to it, this is what you see.

Deleting an entire account for a post of a video interview about what’s wrong with the education system in the U.S. is rather dark. And it validates my point, one that I have made since summer 2020, that expressing dissent with the positions of those in power is no longer tolerated in this country.

American schools today do not teach. They indoctrinate. Anti-American propaganda is now the norm. Transgender affirmation encourages already confused children and adolescents that the solution to their identity challenge lies in identifying as the opposite sex. The 1619 project teaches that the U.S. is a fundamentally racist country. Intersectionality teaches that white heterosexual Christian males oppress those who don’t look like them. Critical race theory (CRT) codifies racism as required thought—but only against groups labeled “oppressors.” Social emotional learning (SEL) has now emerged as a trojan horse to carry the CRT torch, as organized opposition to CRT continues to grow among parents of children subjected to this destructive program. The purpose of school is to teach the basics: English, math, and science. Additionally, education should inculcate an appreciation for one’s country and the values that country represents. American schools today do neither.

American education has become truly anti-family as well. Teachers inform students that having children destroys the environment. They encourage students to challenge their parents’ values when they do not conform with woke ideology. Rather than reinforcing the authority of the parent, teachers now seek to subvert it. I discussed this in Jeremy Nell’s podcast, Jerm Warfare, earlier this month. I argued that if a traditionally minded parent allows his child to attend a government school (and many private or religious schools) for 12 years and then, God forbid, continue on to a university, he is likely to see his adult child hate him and everything he stands for well before graduation. On the podcast I emphasized that the family is the building block of every society. When it fails, society fails. We saw this countless times in the last century, as governments rose to unprecedented levels of power, destroying families through euthanasia, genocide, and the severing of parent-child bond. I can only conclude, therefore, that the goal of attacking the family is to destroy American society.

We cannot allow this to continue. I urge all Americans to take their kids out of school. The current system has become so corrupt that it is unreformable. Home schooling and community schools are now the best and only options to save a generation of American children from the dangers of education.

Mark McDonald, M.D.

Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis