I've been telling all my adult patients for several years now to take vitamin D supplements. Virtually no one has a healthy level of vitamin D, unless they work outdoors and live in a sunny climate. And low levels present a host of health risks: infection, depression, skin disease, osteoporosis, and cancer. In older adults, low levels are also associated with cardiovascular disease.

Now it appears vitamin D deficiency in young adults may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. New research shows that in those age 18-25, low vitamin D levels are associated with heart disease risk factors like glucose dysregulation, inflammation, and excessive body fat composition. Likely, inadequate vitamin D causes metabolic disturbances that contribute to these risk factors.

Vitamin D cannot be obtained through diet. It must be converted in the skin by way of exposure to the sun. The alternative to daily sun exposure is supplementation. Not all vitamin D supplements are alike, however, which is why I've recommended specific brands that I trust to my patients.

Below is a link to my inflammation supplement plan I provide my patients. I am now sharing it with my Dissident MD subscribers. To access the plan, you must first create a free patient account at Fullscript by entering your name and email address: Dr. Mark McDonald’s Fullscript dispensary. Watch a one-minute video on how to create an account below.

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Supplement plan