As I complete a tour through Bosnia, Poland, and Finland, I can only ask myself, “What is wrong with America—and Americans?” Europe (to the extent that I recently experienced it) has moved on from the absurd pandemic nonsense. The US remains mired in it.

Europeans did step in it. Some countries dived all the way in. Earlier this year, Austrian police were arresting citizens who dared step outdoors without “papers.” Lufthansa is still requiring its passengers to wear masks due to “government order.” Those ridiculous flimsy plexiglass “barriers” are still on display from Tuzla to Helsinki. But no one pays any attention to them. They’re simply artifacts of a prehistoric culture left behind by the cavemen who have been replaced by the modern humans re-emerging into society, going about their business as healthy humans do. The only people wearing masks are neurotic Asian tourists who haven’t got the message that the war is over. No need to continue wearing the camo or carry the rifle slung over the back. We’re back to normal!

I never thought I would say this. Europe has long taken its cues from the United States. American pop music is still played in the train stations, the airport lounges, and the local coffee shops. English is the only lingua franca throughout the continent. It seems, though, that most of Europe has realized that the United States has lost its way and that there is no longer any reason to defer to the judgment of the US government or its citizens in determining social policy. Good for Europe.

Reading the domestic news from abroad shocks me. Before beginning my travels, I had become inured to the endless daily announcements of idiocy, insanity, self-absorption, masochism, sadism, and general anarchy. I recently looked online, against my better judgment, to see the headlines, “America in full riot,” and “Mother of six-month old shot to death pushing baby carriage,” and “Major American city votes to defund police as crime soars 117%.” This is not normal. This is not reasonable. This is not sane. And none of it would stand in much of Europe.

I am not a Europhile. I don’t believe the EU has helped anyone in Europe, other than the central planners in Brussels and the truly poor nations who suckle at the teat of Germany and Great Britain (until recently—thanks to Brexit). Socialism has never made one penny, unlike capitalism, which has elevated out of poverty every society that has implemented it. The catastrophic “green energy” policies pushed by the EU have wrecked once great economies and contributed to massive worldwide child labor exploitation and environmental devastation. Open border policies have guaranteed the end of Western culture From Sweden to the south of France.

And yet—on the whole pandemic issue, Europe has seen the light. “Vaccine” mandates have all but disappeared. There are no mask rules on any flights, other than Lufthansa, and only for another 10 days. Socially, I see no hesitancy among people to meet, shake hands, hug, laugh, and play. The mRNA injection bandwagon has not only stalled. It has been entirely derailed. It’s all over here. Why not in America?

This question has been on my mind for nearly two years. We now have one of the most corrupt governments in US history, and a collusion of large corporations and media with that corrupt government that has successfully brainwashed most Americans into believing that up is down, that men are women, and that life is death. And I see no sign that America, as a whole, will wake up from this mass psychosis anytime soon.

I have been considering leaving the United States and setting up residence in a more healthy nation. I’m still holding out, though, for the reformation, for a renaissance of sanity and freedom. I give it a year. If the US doesn’t turn this ship around by then, central Europe will easily win out in the competition for my loyalty.

Mark McDonald, M.D.
Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis