During a July 12 congressional hearing, Senator Josh Hawley questioned a UC Berkeley law professor about whether only women can get pregnant. Her response, that “people with the capacity for pregnancy” included both men and women, revealed the lunacy of the transactivists, as well as their desire to destroy the lives of American children.

“Senator, your line of questioning is transphobic and causes violence,” the law professor said, citing suicide statistics for trans people. When Senator Hawley continued to challenge her, asking if this is what she teaches in her classroom, she invited him to visit one of her classes, so that he might “learn something.” “Oh, I’ve already learned a lot today,” he replied.

This woman is paid by our tax dollars and teaches at a prestigious law school in California. And she is utterly insane. She represents the face of much of public education today, and not only in elite graduate schools. Before the account was suspended, Libs of Tip Toc regularly posted videos of public-school teachers—from their own social media accounts—proudly announcing how they have been grooming their elementary and junior high school students to adopt “trans identities.” These teachers collude with school administrators to encourage students to cross-dress with outfits stored in the “trans closet” in the classroom, adopt new names, and try out different pronouns. This is all hidden from parents, who have expressed outraged when news of this leaked out through social media and Zoom.

Before the government lockdowns began three years ago, a fourteen-year-old patient I had been working with for several years came for her regular visit to announce (proudly) that she had “discovered” why she had been suffering from anxiety and depression all this time. Her adolescent group therapist whom I had referred her to (to my chagrin) had convinced her that she was actually a boy in a girl’s body. “I’m trans,” she told me, beaming. She then announced a new name that she wanted me to call her by. She expected me to give her a high five and congratulate her. Instead, I slowly and emphatically told her that she should take a breath and rethink this. “You are clearly suffering, but you are not a boy. You are a girl. And you will likely outgrow this, so I urge you not to do anything rash.” Her smile drained from her face, disappointment clearly showing. I had not “affirmed” her “new identity. She left that day, and I never saw her again.

This was the first time I had come across trans grooming. Now it’s everywhere, and it’s coming not only from misguided and unethical therapists but also teachers, professors, coaches. Abigail Shrier describes this transgender craze that has taken over the internet, social media, and public education in her sympathetic yet jarring book Irreversible Damage. She makes a compelling case that what we are witnessing is a social contagion advanced by a highly organized, vicious, destructive, and hateful group of trans activists who eagerly pursue the opportunity to groom American children to substitute the normal and healthy adolescent struggle to develop an adult identity with an easy out—crossing over to the opposite sex. This is not an error. It is not “misguided.” It is evil. And with it we may be facing the last opportunity we have to save our children.

Parents largely failed to protect their children in 2020 from the nationwide school closures. They didn’t stand up to forced masking and compulsory mRNA injections. As a consequence, tens of millions of American children have seen their physical and emotional health destroyed. Depression and anxiety disorders, drug overdoses, and suicides in young people have risen to unprecedented levels since 2020. Tens of thousands have died. We now have another demon at our gate, and is already breaching the walls.

Will the parents of American children stand up this evil—trans grooming? A nation that sacrifices its children does not deserve to survive. Will ours?

Mark McDonald, M.D.
Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis