“Kids gonna kid. Vaccines gonna protect.” No. Clearly not. We all know that now. Yet this billboard went up last week two blocks from my home in urban Los Angeles, paid for by “MyTurn.ca.gov.” How did we arrive at this level of government-manufactured Pravda nonsense?

I believe I can lay it out for you simply and succinctly, without getting lost in the details and murkiness of the influence of China or the minutiae of immuno-genomics. The search for a clear explanation for how we regressed from a nation that was the envy of the world to an idiocracy, an international laughingstock, has been met with many dead-ends over the past two and a half years. Many conspiracy theories still attract large groups of followers, despite a lack of convincing evidence. There is really no need to be preoccupied with them now, because much of the truth has already been revealed. That truth is easy to see, track, and verify. Perhaps someday we will know whether the conspiracies turn out to be true. Right now, though, we can be certain of the main details of a massive crime of opportunity, perhaps the biggest single crime in human history. Its victims: a nation of fear addicts.

In summary: All roads lead to the “vaccine.”

In spring of 2020, a cabal of government, media, and corporate interests launched the greatest and most successful propaganda campaign ever developed. They joined forces to demonize, cancel, and destroy any individual who even suggested there are existing effective, cheap, safe, and readily available treatments for what was then called the Chinese Wuhan virus. This became obvious to me when I spoke on the steps of the Supreme Court later that summer with a group of physicians to stand up for medical freedom and the right of doctors and patients to make decisions about medical care independent from government intrusion. That day in under eight hours we reached over 12 million people through social media. Within 24 hours, though, every feed, recording, and other evidence of our talk had been scrubbed from the internet. This was coordinated. This was intentional. And it was done to protect the only viable path forward toward universal “vaccination.”

The Emergency Use Authorization or EUA allows for a medical treatment to be provided to Americans without FDA approval, provided no viable alternative currently exists. Many viable treatments existed in 2020 to treat the Wuhan virus, including hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, steroids, antibiotics, antidepressants, anticoagulants, vitamin D, zinc, and aspirin. These drugs or supplements had all been around for decades, and the drugs had all been FDA-approved for other illnesses for decades as well. Any FDA-approved drug can be legally and ethically prescribed for other medical conditions, under a doctor’s supervision. That is how medicine is practiced, at least it was until 2020. Had these treatments been widely offered to patients infected with the Wuhan virus in the first half of the year, we would have seen a survival rate approaching 100%. All epidemiology reports support this. My colleague, Dr. Brian Tyson, treated more virus patients that year than any physician in the US—over 8,000. Of those who came to him within seven days of symptom onset, not one died. The public health department in the county where he works reported a death rate of 3% with “standard of care,” which meant no care at all. Why would anyone want to increase the death rate of a relatively weak but highly contagious respiratory virus by denying care?

Denying care to patients infected with the Wuhan virus ensured the EUA would remain in place once a “vaccine” was found to treat the infection. We now know (and have known for some time) that no real vaccine was ever developed, only an experimental therapeutic injection based on mRNA technology. That therapeutic was universally unsuccessful in preventing infection or transmission, and is now widely understood to have ended far more lives than it saved. In fact, there is no substantial evidence that it has saved any lives at all. This is not in dispute among rational or honest people. That is why several countries have now banned its use, including Denmark, for all but the most elderly in the population. Of course, the question remains—why protect a path forward for an experimental therapeutic that doesn’t work and actually harms people?

Alex Berenson provides an answer to that question in his recent Substack, “Behind every great fortune…” The two main mRNA product manufacturers, Pfizer and Moderna, have earned a combined $110 billion in sales from their injections since December 2020. Not only that, but their profits have been greater than any product they have ever made, because they didn’t have to spend a dime on advertising or marketing—our tax dollars covered that. Every billboard ad, commercial, flyer, and “free vaccine” kiosk was paid for by government dollars that came out of our pockets through taxes. These pharmaceutical companies also have no incentive to ensure the products are safe, because any drug produced to address a public health emergency is automatically protected from product liability laws under the Preparation Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act of 2005. No matter how many adolescent boys die of heart damage, no matter how many mothers lose their newborns to fatal hemorrhages or strokes, no one may file a lawsuit. All profits are protected.

Even with a mass propaganda campaign to vilify real treatment, though, it would have been impossible to convince an entire population of Americans to risk their lives with an experimental, unproven, unsafe drug had the cabal not included one additional element: fear. Many Americans remain naïve to the risks of unproven medical products. They are inherently wary of taking on unknown risk without a good reason. And they were given one. They were told to be afraid. The campaign of fear began in earnest the moment the elites realized it would be possible to produce a “vaccine” that could reap financial dividends never seen before—tens, perhaps hundreds, of billions of dollars. That money would be shared among a small group of insiders: politicians, bureaucrats, pharmacies, social media corporations, online retailers, public sector unions. By announcing to the American people that they were all going to die unless they stayed home and waited for a “vaccine,” the greatest fraud in history came into existence—a fraud of opportunity.

Daily death counts became standard in every news broadcast. Yellow tape was draped over playground equipment in local parks. No one could buy food without covering his face with a mask. Every aspect of everyone’s life became saturated with messages of fear, no matter how irrational. Spraying Amazon packages with bleach became a necessary and virtuous act.

And so here we are today, with many lives lost—sacrificed—from the callous denial of basic medical care, all to promote an entirely ineffective and harmful drug so that the greatest transfer of wealth in human history could be successfully achieved. The result is a population addicted to fear, paralyzed in its thinking, unable to exercise common sense and make basic day-to-day decisions that any child can do without a second thought. Waiters in restaurants continue to wear masks, as do bikini-clad women riding their cruisers on the Santa Monica beach bike path. We are a nation of fear addicts, acting like idiots.

This is where the “vaccine” road has led us. Read my book, Freedom From Fear, for the way out.

Mark McDonald, M.D.
Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Freedom From Fear: A 12 Step Guide to Personal and National Recovery