On October 19 the advisory committee to the CDC voted unanimously to take the first step toward adding the Pfizer and Moderna experimental mRNA medical therapeutics to the recommended immunization schedule for American children. This is bizarre and insane.

As I explained in my last column, “The Pandemic in a Nutshell,” the clear motivation for launching the unprecedented, concerted attack in 2020 on physicians who advocated for early treatment for those infected with the Chinese Wuhan virus was to defend the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) protection for the development and distribution of a vaccine, something that is not possible when an existing medical treatment is available. Now that the “emergency” is coming to a close, as even President Biden acknowledged last month, the “vaccine” rollout will also necessarily be ended. Under current federal law, it cannot continue.

Yet it can continue, under one condition: The CDC adds the “vaccine” to the pediatric immunization schedule. By doing this, the mRNA medical therapeutics can continue to be manufactured and sold. More importantly, the liability protections for the manufacturers can then be extended beyond the EUA umbrella, because the shots are now part of the list of required immunizations for children to attend school. That means that no one can sue Pfizer or Moderna for injury or death, even if children are forced to get the shot to go to school.

This is bizarre, from a medical perspective. No sane person now disputes the evidence that these products have been a complete failure. They do not protect against infection or transmission. They do not provide immunity—the cardinal trait of an actual vaccine. Worse, they cause injury and death. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins pointed out in 2021 that not a single healthy American child has died from (not with) the Wuhan virus. The irrefutable conclusion, then, is that these products have harmed and killed more children that they have saved. You cannot save a child from an infection that cannot kill him.

Many European nations have already admitted this and acted accordingly. Six of them have restricted or banned the use of Moderna products for anyone under age 30: Sweden, Norway, France, Finland, Iceland, and Germany. Denmark has restricted their use by anyone under age 18. Here in the US, however, as of June, babies as young as six months are eligible to be injected. And now the CDC advisory committee is recommending there be no age limit to requiring injections, even for babies in utero, despite evidence that women who are injected during pregnancy miscarry at higher rates than those who steer clear of the shots.

Will this medically irresponsible and indefensible action on the part of the CDC backfire? American parents don’t want to see their children injected. Only 3.5% of American children under age five have received a dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna product, despite their being available for that age group for nearly six months now. For kids under age 11, the number is barely one third—the majority of American children have avoided the injections, and their parents have no intention of ever asking for them. Nearly every child has already been exposed, recovered with minimal or no symptoms, and now carries lifelong immunity to not only the original Wuhan virus strain but every subsequent one. The “vaccine” provides no immunity—it is, after all, nothing more than a medical therapeutic, and a poor one at that. Most Americans aren’t stupid. They personally know people who received multiple injections and still got sick. What’s the point of getting a shot that doesn’t provide immunity? If the CDC takes the final step of mandating these injections for school attendance, we will see an exodus from the government school system that is so rapid and immense that the system will simply collapse.

Perhaps we should celebrate. The government school system is as much of a failure, and a harm to children, as the indefensible farce of the “vaccine” program. All Americans would benefit if they would both collapse. Then we could return to real medicine and real education, something we have been deprived of for far too long.

Please continue to act egregiously and irresponsibly, CDC, if possible, in the most spectacular way. You will invigorate the complacent, sleepy middle that has been yawning and shrugging for the past three years. After this jab in the eye with your sharpened stick, the bear may actually awaken and maul you to death. In my view, you deserve worse.

Mark McDonald, M.D.
Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Freedom From Fear: A 12 Step Guide to Personal and National Recovery