Since 2020 I have lost nearly all my trust in large pharmaceutical companies.

Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca fabricated proof of efficacy and withheld evidence of harm for their mRNA therapeutics while reaping billions of dollars in profits under the umbrella of full liability protection. Evidence is now coming to light that the lies didn’t start in 2020, and they are continuing today. Flu shots are worse than useless. Gardasil may cause cervical cancer. The Hepatitis B vaccine now recommended for newborns contains aluminum, a potent neurotoxin. Statins only reduce the risk of heart attack in 1% of the population, while they INCREASE that risk in the remaining 99%. Reportedly “safe and non-addictive” sleep aids such as Ambien cause dissociation in women at the FDA-recommended dose and provoke severe withdrawal when discontinued after prolonged use. Anxiolytics such as Xanax and Valium can cause neurological damage, including permanent memory loss.

What is the alternative?

This is what I tell my patients: Start with sleep, diet, and exercise. That is the three-legged stool that serves as the foundation for good health. Each leg is critical. When even one is removed, the structure collapses.

After that, I recommend starting supplements. Although there are supplements helpful for specific populations and disease states, many offer proven benefit to nearly everyone: men and women, children and adults. In my office, I make specific recommendations to the individual patient. Now I have grouped my recommendations into protocols and am making them available to the public through Fullscript.

Fullscript offers three distinct benefits over retail and online shops:

  1. Quality control: Professional brands I know and trust. Never counterfeit or expired, always stored and shipping correctly.
  2. Value: Prices lower than retail outlets and even Amazon.
  3. Rapid fulfillment: Shipping is low-cost and fast—3 to 5 business days standard or 1 to 3 days priority. Shipping is free with orders over $50.

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