One week ago, a California judge granted an injunction against AB 2098, the medical misinformation bill, for Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and a group of physicians representing Physicians for Informed Consent. I wrote about this as a positive sign that might benefit other physicians who are being targeted by the Medical Board of California (MBC) for sharing the truth with their patients when it comes to masks, lockdowns, and so-called vaccines.

The following day, the MBC mailed me a letter announcing it has closed its investigation of me for spreading “medical misinformation” on social media in 2020 and 2021. My advocating for the use of ivermectin as a prophylaxis and treatment for the Chinese Wuhan virus, and against the masking of children is what prompted the investigation. Of course, ivermectin and other medical therapeutics have clearly shown benefit for protection against this virus, whereas the “vaccine” has clearly shown no benefit and only harm. Same for masks.

I cannot prove there is any causal connection between the recent injunction and the MBC’s decision to close its investigation, but the timing is certainly interesting. Perhaps the board has seen the writing on the wall—that prosecuting physicians for treating patients honestly and providing them with actual information (not the true misinformation spread by our government, our media, and our corporations) will not stand legal challenge.

Recently, a mentor from my residency training and nationally known psychiatrist caved to the transgender activist lobby and publicly apologized for referring to the explosion in sexual identity confusion among young people as a symptom of a sick society. When I referred to his apology as an act of cowardice, a woman told me, “Everyone must make his own decision on what level of risk to take—he’s so powerful that he might have been destroyed if he hadn’t kowtowed to the activists.”

I take the opposite point of view. Those with power, such as this psychiatrist, hold even more responsibility to speak the truth, because their influence is great. Turning your back on the truth simply to protect your reputation and income will eventually leave you with neither. If more men with influence would stand up, this battle would soon end, and we could begin rebuilding a just and virtuous society.

Every win—no matter how small—is important. The tide turns not all at once but over time and with a sustained effort by many individuals and groups. The downstream effect of these wins touches us all. As an example, witness this psychiatrist—a dissident MD.