The explosion in transgender surgeries and chemical castration of children can no longer be denied. Every prominent academic medical institution has been implicated, from UCLA to Boston Children’s Hospital. Women disproportionately lead and defend these atrocities, a truly disturbing trend that challenges the notion that the protection of children is a core element of female human nature.

Investigative reporters and prominent individuals in cable news, AM radio, and internet podcasting have exposed these institutions and the monsters who run them. By placing calls to the intake lines of the transgender clinics and posing as potential patients (or parents of potential patients), they have gathered a mountain of audio recordings that prove these surgeries and hormone treatments are being offered to minors, often without parental consent. This media exposure has gone a long way to make ordinary Americans aware of the atrocities performed against children at prestigious medical centers, in the same way that Zoom school exposed the ideological indoctrination ubiquitous in America’s K-12 classrooms.

Simple exposure, however, will not be enough to stop it. The American Medical Association (AMA), the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) all support “gender-affirming care,” i.e., genital mutilation and chemical castration. The doctors who participate in these ghoulish experiments with children’s bodies, and the administrators who advocate them, feel no shame or embarrassment for the harm they are doing to their patients. They will continue to slice off breasts and genitals, render children permanently infertile, and inflict lifelong emotional scars on their young victims because they are driven purely by ideological fanaticism with a total disregard for medical ethics. “Primum non nocere,” or, “First do no harm,” means nothing to them. “The end justifies the means” is their dictum, the end being the eradication of all male / female distinctions and the disappearance of the human species. They are, at their essence, anti-life.

The way to end this carnage is by bankrupting the institutions and clinicians that engage in it.

Chloe Cole, now 18, had her breasts cut off at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland when she was 13 years old. This was done not to treat disease but rather  “gender dysphoria” or confusion about whether she was really a girl and not just a boy in a girl’s body. After little more than one hour of counseling with staff at the hospital, she was cleared for a double mastectomy with a Kaiser surgeon. Afterward, she was referred for testosterone injections that she received for the next two years. (All the staff involved, including the surgeon, were women.) It wasn’t until she turned 15 that she realized she had made a horrible, life-altering, and irreversible mistake. Even though she stopped the hormone injections three years ago, her voice today resembles a man’s in pitch, she has no sensation in her chest, she will never be able to breastfeed, and she may never be able to have children. “I’m not legally allowed to have sex at age 13, but I was able to change my sex.” How does this make any sense?

She filed a lawsuit against Kaiser Hospital and is represented by attorney Harmeet Dillon of the Center for American Liberty. Media coverage has raised her case prominence to a national level and encouraged other victims to come forward. They are now pursuing malpractice lawsuits as well. Expect a multi-million-dollar award to come from Chloe Cole’s lawsuit. When that happens, an avalanche of lawsuits will follow, potentially bankrupting every medical center and physician responsible for these experiments on children. There are thousands of potential lawsuits, as the number of detransitioners grows every day.

You cannot extinguish an evil ideology by arguing with it. It must be crushed with force. The force of legal rulings leading to financial ruin should put a speedy end to this cancer. We cannot begin to restore confidence in American medical institutions until we relegate transgender surgeries and chemical castration to the same chapter in the history book where we now find lobotomies--medical barbarism.