Riley Gaines introduced me to some new transgender vocabulary last weekend. She is the acclaimed collegiate athlete who was at one time ranked second in the nation in women’s swimming, until a man began competing against her, leaving all the female swimmers in his 6’4” wake.

We have all heard the neologistic nonsense spewing from the mouths of the transgender activist ideologues: birthing person, chestfeeder, bleeder, person who can get pregnant. Riley introduced me to a new one before we went onstage together recently at Godspeak Cavalry Chapel in Westlake, California. As she travels the country, sharing her story of intimidation, abuse, and humiliation by the transgender lobby, she is often singled out for attack (physical and verbal). She was even held hostage (with ransom demand) at San Francisco State University, while the SFPD stood by and did nothing, having been ordered to “affirm” their “transgender partners.” So, it shouldn’t be surprising that, according to the activists, she may no longer use the word “vagina.” It’s now called a bonus hole.

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