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Financial stress cannot always be controlled—ask anyone who’s lost a job recently. Costs continue to rise, and the purchasing power of the dollar continues to decline. Until a majority of Americans come to their senses and vote out those responsible for current financial debacle, there is little one can do, as an individual, to change this. Certainly, reducing expenses is critical: If you haven’t already, consider dropping your high-price / low-value Obamacare insurance in favor of a medical cost-sharing plan. Avoid ordering food deliveries and eating out. Cook your meals at home.

Beyond cutting back on spending, building financial security to protect from asset erosion is critical to weathering the storm with as little damage as possible. That must include asset diversification. Most Americans fail to do this, maintaining all of their savings in cash, and all their investments in stocks and bonds. So when the value of the dollar declines, or the overall economy falters, or both (as is happening now), their net wealth plunges. If this happens right before or during retirement, the loss is usually not recoverable.

Asset diversification in owning physical precious metals—gold and silver—protects against both risks while offering long-term investment potential. I am expecting a widespread economic collapse in 2024, as every economist I trust now makes a compelling case for its inevitability. Just read what Jeffrey Tucker at the Brownstone Institute has been publishing lately. We may recover in 2025, if the elections go well. That’s a big “if,” though. If there were ever a time to re-allocate one’s assets and purchase gold and silver, it’s now.

Many national companies sell precious metals. They’re advertised on AM radio and conservative podcasts. You can even buy gold bars at Costco now! I recommend Advisormetals, though, owned by Ira Betshatsky, an America first patriot.

Reasons to buy from Ira at Advisormetals:

  • Over 30 years experience in financial services and registered with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) since 1991
  • All communication directly with the owner
  • No purchase limit (unlike Costco—only two bars at a time)
  • Will buy back your gold and silver when you wish to sell
  • Only through Dissident MD—free silver coin with first purchase

When you use the referral code “DISSIDENT” at Advisormetals, Ira will give you—free of charge—a pure silver coin with your first purchase. In fact, he will offer you a free silver coin with every subsequent purchase as well. He wants to be a part of the financial success of Americans who share his values—liberty, freedom, America first.

As a psychiatrist, I know that emotional wellness comes from stress reduction. And that comes from financial security. Asset diversification provides this. If you haven’t yet added physical precious metals to your asset portfolio, now is the time.