Recently, you received an email announcing Dissident MD will be relocating to its own website: Well, the relocation is complete.

Dissident MD is now fully independent as a stand-alone publishing platform, as well as greater integration with its cousin publication, the Informed Dissent podcast.

Little has changed for you. Your membership, whether free or paid, will remain the same. All member info, including subscription payment information, has been transferred. You will continue to receive all posts in your email as usual.

One important change is that your login webpage is no longer Substack but This is where you will go to make changes to your subscription or to post comments on any published articles.

Although this transition should be seamless for you, if, for any reason, you notice something is amiss, please let us know, so we can take care of it.

Now more than ever, independence is the path to security and freedom. Dissident MD practices what it preaches.

Mark McDonald
Dissident MD