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I’ve discussed the benefits of vitamin B12 in preventing a variety of chronic diseases and included it in my supplement plans to prevent dementia and fatigue and low energy  A recent publication in the Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture, though, shows that vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to chronic inflammation, which, as I explained in my post on inflammation, paves the way for multi-organ system disease that includes the heart, brain, and endocrine systems. As a psychiatrist, two of the resulting conditions I am particularly concerned about are depression and dementia.

Vitamin B12 can only be obtained by eating animal protein. This is why all vegans are vitamin B12 deficient, unless they take vitamin B12 supplements.

Vitamin B deficiency can cause depression and dementia.

Although both conditions have many causes, in my practice, I find depression and dementia to be more prevalent with patients who do not eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. When I investigate, I often discover vitamin B12 deficiency. Fortunately, vitamin B12 can be easily measured with an inexpensive blood test available at all commercial labs. I recommend anyone suffering from depression, low energy, fatigue, or memory loss check their vitamin B12 level. If it’s low, eat more meat…or start taking  a high-quality vitamin B12 supplement like the one I recommend in the plans below:

Vitamin B12 deficiency is easy to correct and provides immeasurable protection against the development of chronic disease in nearly every major organ system. Say yes to vitamin B12 and no to depression and dementia.