Two days ago, the California state legislature voted to approve Assembly Bill 2098, which grants the state government the power to suspend a physician’s medical license for disseminating “misinformation” about the Chinese Wuhan virus. Specifically, it would punish any doctor for speaking honestly about the so-called “vaccines,” PCR testing, forced masking, or the nature of the virus itself. This would destroy the doctor-patient relationship and criminalize public speech by all California physicians. It will also lead to the loss of every decent medical doctor and redefine a physician’s allegiance toward his patient, replacing it with allegiance with the state.

I should know. I am currently under investigation for an anonymous complaint filed (not from one of my patients) with the California Medical Board alleging I have spread “misinformation” about the Wuhan virus. Of course, nowhere in the complaint is there any example of this “misinformation” or evidence of anything I have ever said that is untrue. Essentially, what I am being accused of is disagreeing with the political stance of the government and medical establishment by advocating for sound medical practice based in actual science. For over two years now, both government and medical organizations have been spreading nothing but misinformation and lies, as we all now know. They have advocated for medically unsound treatments, medically dangerous and ineffective “vaccines,” and entirely injurious public health policies that include testing and quarantining healthy people, forcing children to wear diapers on their faces, and denying necessary medical care to anyone who refuses to accept an mRNA injection. Of course, they will never hold themselves accountable for any of this true misinformation under their own bill.

This week an “investigator” was assigned to my case from the “Division of Investigation—Health Quality Investigation Unit.” Sounds quite official and intimidating. Again, though, I have yet to be provided with any specific examples of untruths I have spoken or written since I began to challenge the mainstream narrative in March 2020. I consider this to be a purely political crime, a purely political investigation, and one that has nothing to do with science or medicine in any way. Unfortunately, when politics rather than truth and justice drives law, those who hold the power can ensure the outcome they desire.

It appears that the goal of the new bill, and of this investigation of me specifically, is to intimidate California physicians into remaining silent about the incalculable harm caused by treatment refusal, improper treatment, elder and child abuse through forced testing and masking, and mass “vaccine” programs that offer no benefit and only injury to patients. The state is now demanding—through force of law—that doctors violate their oath to do no harm. The state is now putting a gun to the heads of California physicians and ordering them to lie to their patients or risk losing their licenses. This is what Germany did during WWII, and what China is now doing today. Surgeons in Beijing are ordered by the Chinese Communist Party to harvest organs from political prisoners, while the prisoner is still alive, or risk imprisonment and torture themselves. This is how dictatorships co-opt medical doctors into doing their bidding, injuring and murdering patients, while summarily eliminating any physician who refuses to comply.

This bill requires Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature to be signed into law. Once that happens, medicine as we used to know it will be over in California. It will no longer be possible for any patient to trust his doctor, given the overwhelming coercive pressure placed on him by state government to lie.

Our last opportunity to halt this evil trend—and it is truly evil—will be the upcoming November elections. If those fail, I truly believe California will no longer be livable in any real sense, and it will be time for all rational, thoughtful Californians of any political persuasion to relocate and find a new home in another state.

Mark McDonald, M.D.
Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Freedom From Fear: A 12 Step Guide to Personal and National Recovery