If you need any more proof that government and public health authorities do not want you to be healthy, that, in fact, they prefer you remain sick, look no further than the state of California. Here in the Golden State, Californians enjoy the best weather year-round anywhere in the world. We can actually live outdoors and thrive. Yet as we approach Christmas, our local and state governments have made it clear they want everyone to return to a state of emotional and physical illness. Health is too dangerous.

For most Californians, the misplaced fear of dying from a Chinese respiratory virus has receded into the background. Real concerns, not the ones manufactured by corrupt government officials and disseminated by a corrupt media machine, have come to replace the illusory peril of death by breathing. Economics and physical safety, for example, have re-occupied center stage for the masses. While the wealthy are forgoing yacht purchases, the middle class has begun to avoid restaurants and take-out to save money by eating at home. The poor, in turn, have overwhelmed local food banks. In LA today, a cup of regular coffee at Starbucks costs $4.65, the equivalent of a gallon of Biden gasoline. Due to rising crime and disorderly conduct following a withdrawal of police presence, the percentage of female passengers using public transit in LA has dropped to below 50% for the first time since 2019 pre-panic. A spike in conceal carry permit applications in San Bernardino County has forced the sheriff’s department to halt the acceptance of new permit requests; those now in the queue can expect a 12-month wait for review. Although all the stores are open for in-person shopping, the malls are strangely empty, as cash-strapped shoppers defer purchases until stratospheric prices drop, hoping for a last-minute pre-Christmas sale. The reality of the price we all must now pay for living in a state of fear and market manipulation for nearly three years is finally hitting home. It’s as if everyone threw a pile of broken glass up in the air, declared that gravity is subjective, and we are now bleeding to death from the injuries of the falling shards. That declaration has proven to be nothing more than wishful thinking.

Our bureaucrats and elected officials are not concerned about any of these real problems, however. They want to remind us that death is lurking around the corner not from rapid-onset poverty or a transient’s hepatitis-laden knife but rather from a winter pandemic of the sniffles. Yes, “cases” are rising. In Los Angeles, we are now approaching the “high transmission category” of greater than 200 positive Wuflu tests per 100,000 people. This means, according to the fake doctor and Director of Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Barbara Ferrer, that we will all be ordered to return to universal indoor masking very soon. This will, of course, include the 600,000 children in LA County’s public and private school systems. She recently expressed her dissatisfaction with local residents’ movement away from booster shots and face diapers by threatening everyone with new punishments for their irresponsible behavior. Apparently, we had stopped paying attention to her, as it became obvious that no one was dying of the Chinese Wuhan virus, or even getting sick from it anymore. Los Angelenos were now paying more attention to their recent financial impoverishment and very real likelihood of being robbed, assaulted, or murdered while walking their dog in the 90210 zip code. And if there is anything that deeply upsets the fake doctor, it’s being ignored. After all, when you’re paid $613,692 a year, every word deserves worship. Celebrating Christmas unafraid, unmasked, and not anti-socially distanced is the real blasphemy. To the dungeon, all of you!

California’s medieval wisdom originates in Sacramento, the state capital. The Sacramento City Unified School District is now leading the way by announcing a return to universal masking of all its children starting as early as next week. Once this happens, every other county school district in the state will be obliged to follow suit. If the politicians and bureaucrats are to see their Christmas wishes fulfilled, every Californian will be spending his holiday with his face covered, alone, behind closed doors in his home. This is the lump of coal Barbara Ferrer and her ilk have ordered this year for December 25. She wants everyone in the state to look and feel as sick as possible, because that is her job. As Director of Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, her responsibility is to ensure the chronic malaise of nine million residents, and serve as an example for her peers who preside over the lives of the other 30 million Californians not fortunate enough to shelter under her shadow. We should all be so lucky.

Every American must be envious of us Californians. With the approach of Christmas, we choose to emulate Jesus on the cross by submitting to our very own Pontius Pilate, blasphemers that we are. Suffering is noble. That’s what our leaders tell us. Merry Christmas.

Mark McDonald, M.D.
Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Freedom From Fear: A 12 Step Guide to Personal and National Recovery