Soon we will receive invaluable information by way of the mid-term election results. Although who wins and who loses will have a powerful influence over all our lives for the next two to four years, I am more interested in what the results reveal about Americans, and American society, today. What we will soon learn is whether the majority of Americans are living in reality and are committed to honoring it, or whether they embrace a lie and are committed to disavowing those who challenge it.

Two years ago the United States went through a traumatic, scarring election. It wasn’t just that the outcome of the election itself caused damage. The election process destroyed the confidence in our political system for more than half the population, mainly through transparent systemic corruption. The Democrat party took advantage of a farcical, man-made state of emergency to change voting laws, remove barriers to fraud, and collude with corporate and media interests to ensure that swing states and close elections would be decided in their favor. The accumulation of evidence over the past two years that the election was largely stolen by the DNC is now so persuasive that no independent observer can deny that fraud played a significant, if not overwhelming, role in the outcome. As a result, in 2020 we learned very little about where the American people stood politically. What we did learn is the extent of the corruption in the political process. That discovery has jaded many to any hope the next election will be fair.

There will be fraud in this election as well. I suspect, though, that the fraud will not be great enough this time to cause the level of disruption to election integrity that occurred in 2020. We will never have a truly fair election until “one man, one vote, one day” becomes the norm once again. As long as universal mail-in ballots, 30+ day voting, and no voter ID requirement remain common throughout much of the US, election results cannot be trusted. Many of the most egregious unconstitutional laws have been nullified or overturned by the courts, though. The number of non-partisan election observers and poll watchers has increased dramatically. The Republican party has organized oversight committees in highly contested districts. There are many more skeptical eyes scrutinizing the process this time around. May the fraud be minimized.

It is clear from the comically delusional rhetoric coming from the DNC and its mouthpieces—the mainstream media—that the Left is terrified. This election represents the greatest threat to its power since the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Simply looking at their response to the assault on Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, in the Pelosi home in San Francisco reveals how desperate they are to re-write history and reality days before a national election. When the product of Democrat policies, a mentally ill homeless drug-addicted BLM gay-pride nudist illegal alien, is denounced by Democrats as a January 6 insurrectionist alt-right Trump-supporting QAnon follower, the disconnection from reality is complete. “Rising political violence is not surprising when people are told they face existential threats,” reported MSNBC. Wait—isn’t it the Democrats who keep announcing that anyone who opposes them is an “existential threat to democracy?” Two men in their underwear, one of whom regards the other as a “friend,” are wrestling over a hammer at 2:00 AM while police watch from a distance, and conservative Republicans are to blame? Not only does no one actually take this sort of lie seriously anymore. Its absurdity, on its face, reveals how desperate the Democrats are to deflect attention from their utterly failed, destructive polices and shift criticism to their political opponents.

Some courageous Americans are fighting back. Keri Lake, likely the next governor of the state of Arizona, is having none of this. Rather than weaken herself by adopting a reactive, defensive position to every manufactured charge launched at her by Democrats, she has turned the tables on her opponents. She has made it clear that she is going after them, exposing their lies and shameful tactics at every opportunity. Her recent media appearance after the break-in at her Democrat opponent’s office threw media garbage back in the face of the propaganda crew. “We're going to do a tutorial on how fake, bogus, defamatory news is made, at the hands of many of you,” she announced. Then she proceeded to provide example after example, revealing how the local and national media are in bed with the DNC to smear her to ensure her opponent gets elected. All she has done is display the courage necessary to tell the truth. In return, she may very well win the election.

So what does this tell us about America today? Just as the recent loss of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to Left-wing labor activist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva shows the identification of the Brazilian people with victimization rather than individual agency, the results of the upcoming midterm elections here in the US will reveal where we are now as a society, two years after the most fraudulent election in US history. Is the majority of Americans aware of reality and committed to it, or are most of us still pretending to live in a thriving nation that would achieve a utopian state if only Trump and his supporters were locked away in federal prison with life sentences? We already know that the DNC is evil, and the RNC is weak. Where are the American people, though? Assuming the election results are reasonably fair, we will soon know. This election is a binary choice, and one of the choices is to endorse a destructive lie. Will America pass the test this time around?

Mark McDonald, M.D.
Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Freedom From Fear: A 12 Step Guide to Personal and National Recovery