Last week illegal alien Jose Ibarra from Venezuela murdered nursing student Laken Riley at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Ibarra attacked her as she went for a jog on campus. She apparently fought back—forcefully—before he crushed her skull and dragged her body into the woods nearby to conceal her murder. Her death, and the polarized reactions to it, frame the irreconcilable split in our nation today and explain the surging popularity of comeback kid Donald Trump, who is rapidly becoming the most likely next President of the United States.

Ibarra illegally entered the US in 2022 before being arrested in New York for physically harming a minor. Under New York City’s illegal alien sanctuary policy, he was released without charge and found his way to Athens, Georgia, where he murdered Riley. He comes from a family of criminals. His brother was also arrested this week in San Diego for visa fraud, a felony. Both were arrested for shoplifting in San Diego in 2022, but since shoplifting is no longer a crime in California, they were only detained by police and released at the scene.

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