Despite what they might say publicly, in private, liberal women just can’t get enough of conservative men. They fawn over them. They melt for them. They find them irresistible. Their reaction proves what I have been arguing for years: Biology always trumps ideology, and conservatism embodies masculinity.

In the TV drama The Good Wife, a partner in a high-powered Chicago law firm (a woman) falls for a forensic ballistics expert (a man). She is a lifelong Democrat, a ball-busting feminist who thrives on competing with men. Despite her best efforts, she fails to intimidate this quiet, strong, traditional cowboy who lives on a ranch in rural Illinois. He remains unfaced by her bullying and never apologizes for choosing to live in integrity with his conservative values. He loves guns and knows how to use them, takes a hands-on approach to life, and doesn’t back down when challenged. He enrages her, yet despite her intellectual disdain for everything he stands for, she finds herself drawn to him with undeniable, overwhelming force. Beneath it all, she is a woman, after all, and, like all women, she needs a real man. She falls for him—hard—and begins a long, torrid, and private affair that she keeps from all her friends and co-workers. Her female biology trumps her feminist ideology, because conservative men are sexy.

The reaction of the woman attorney in The Good Wife to the archetypal traditional man is not a scripted Hollywood TV fantasy—just the opposite. It is common and typical in the real world, because it is natural. We only find it surprising because we assume that women desire what is politically popular. Why are women, then, especially liberal women, magnetized by conservative men? Because these men, a dwindling minority in the US, display the four universal and core qualities of masculinity: physical strength, courage, competency, and honor. This is the foundation of masculinity. Without these traits, masculinity cannot exist. This expression of masculinity can be found across time and space. There is no culture, past or present, that has not embraced these four qualities as the embodiment of masculinity. Greeks, Romans, African tribes, American Indians—their survival depended on supporting the expression of traditional masculinity.

These masculine traits are amoral, because they are so closely tied to our biology as human beings. As Jack Donovan writes in The Way of Men, both knights and gangsters embody them. What confers goodness on the man who displays these traits, then, is virtue, which is culturally defined and mutable depending on the time and place that one is living in. Mesoamericans practiced child sacrifice to protect their crops from the wrath of gods in 1541; Americans sacrificed themselves to protect the world from Hitler five centuries later in 1941. Both cultures displayed traditional masculinity, but they clearly differed in their cultivation of virtue, because virtue can be redefined at any time. Certainly, the current generation’s understanding of virtue—virtue signaling--is unrecognizable to anyone over the age of 40.

Today, media, educators, and politicians denigrate traditional masculinity and promote its opposite--the pussified man. He is physically weak, submissive, incompetent, and independently stands for nothing. He may appeal to some women’s politics and intellect, but he is not attractive. He does not appeal to inalienable feminine biology (and psychology). The pussified man cannot protect her, cannot lead her, cannot help her resolve practical real-world problems, and cannot be trusted to make necessary sacrifices on behalf of his values. A woman cannot respect him. And a woman finds it very difficult, if not impossible, to develop and maintain attraction for a man she doesn’t respect.

This is why I urge all men to adopt conservative values, and to integrate them into their day-to-day lives. Doing this will make a man infinitely more attractive not only to conservative women but women in general. He will be serving society by choosing to not be easily intimidated by the harpies on the left. His unvarnished, proud display of true masculinity will expose the lie that is leftist ideology. It will provoke desire in the naïve liberal, perhaps flustering her sufficiently so that she reconsiders her foolish positions. He can still choose to settle down with a conservative woman. After all, liberal women are insufferable. Yet living in harmony with nature—living in truth—is the best path for both men and women, and for society at large. Masculinity is sexy because it is founded in eternal truth.