2023 was a bad year. Sadly, 2024 is not likely to be an improvement. It would be nothing short of a miracle if it doesn’t turn out even worse. Happy New Year.

The economy is imploding. We postponed paying the costs of expanding the domestic monetary supply by 40%--simply printing money—through dishonest government interventions like eviction moratoriums, minimum wage increases, and fuel subsidies. Price controls only work short-term, though, because no government has the power to control the actual cost of anything. Just like the transgender delusion, where biology always trumps dress-up and invented pronouns, economic consequences apply to all markets, even if Biden’s Janet Yellen pretends they don’t. Today, food costs 40% more than it did when Trump left office. Gasoline prices are triple, as is the cost of a mortgage. A McDonald’s meal now costs $16. My health insurance premium increased by 30% on January 1, one year after it had already increased by 25%. We have made ourselves poor.

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