Having just completed a multi-week trip through southern and central Europe, I am now more convinced than ever that fear is still alive and well. Not in Europe, but in the United States. Make Freedom From Fear your Christmas gift that makes a difference this year in the lives of those who matter to you.

Western Europe is dead. If you venture away from the cadaverous ruin of the cradle of western civilization, you will find a largely free, lively, and fully engaged population going about their lives as we used to do in the United States, spending time with friends and family, celebrating holidays together, and greeting strangers with interest and curiosity. These people are not preparing for the next wave of federal mask mandates, school closures, and forced “vaccinations.” In their civic participation, they are preoccupied with important and real local matters, not manufactured international crises that demand them to sign away their basic rights to remain gainfully employed and socially accepted. Fear has not become a virtue for them, as is has here in the US. They have real lives to live.

Contrast that with life here in America, right now. Half the voting population chose to allow fear of Donald Trump, the loss of taxpayer-paid universal abortion on demand, and “Christian nationalism” (whatever that means) to vote in racists, communists, and globalists to run their lives. In the city of Los Angeles, residents elected as mayor a self-described Marxist who believes the solution to an explosion in robbery, assault, rape, and murder throughout the city is to eliminate police officers and fund Black Lives Matter, a racist hate organization. Many who voted for this despicable woman justified their decision by fear that a wealthy white businessman would reform the corrupt state of political affairs here in LA and root out woke culture, which is the only lens through which the city now views itself. This way of thinking—or more accurately, emoting—is now predominant in every urban center in the country. Even after considering the obvious voter fraud now entrenched in every election, such as permanent universal mail-in ballots, one can no longer deny that, to a large degree, it is not those above us who are causing this misery. It is we the people—the faces staring back at us in the mirror—who are tightening the nooses around our own necks. We are to blame for ushering in this dark age.

Those same people who vote for their own executioners are still walking, biking, and driving with face diapers covering their noses and mouths. They continue to speak to customers through sheets of Hasbro toy plexiglass. This year they will once again ban relatives from attending Thanksgiving because those relatives displayed the courage to refuse to injure themselves with toxic cocktails injected into their body through a needle. This half of the population is still living as sheep, surrendering everything that is precious to a shepherd who promises to keep them “safe” as he guides them toward the slaughterhouse.

Fear, not courage, continues to drive every important decision in the United States today. Those fear-driven decisions allow the fanatics, the ideologues, the sociopaths to consolidate their power over us. What should we do?

We cannot fight this from the top—we built the top. We must reform our society from the bottom up. We must reform ourselves as individuals first. We must assist friends and family, where possible, in freeing themselves from fear, so they can once again embrace reason. I recently published a book describing how to do this in 12 steps. I encourage everyone to purchase it, if not for yourself, for someone you care about who matters in your life. Freedom From Fear makes an excellent Christmas gift. Do any of us really need more “stuff” right now? What we need is freedom. We need our lives back, our communities back, our nation back. This may be our last chance to get it.

Mark McDonald, M.D.
Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Freedom From Fear: A 12 Step Guide to Personal and National Recovery