Problem: We have discovered truths over the past three years that we didn’t know previously. What do we do with this discovery?

Solution: We must psychologically secede from the mainstream of the culture that has been corrupted by nefarious institutions, and redefine ourselves through a consistent expression of our true values.

As Jeffrey Tucker, founder of the Brownstone Institute explains, in the past we were all living to some degree an “illusory sense of complacency.” What we have learned since 2020 has disrupted our faith in every foundational institution. We have discovered truths that are dark and ugly. Facing them is traumatic, but doing so also provides an opportunity.

We can and should start asking the big questions: What is my meaning? My purpose?My role with my family and my community? How can I be a decent person for them?

Psychological secession coupled with serious internal reflection and a realignment of loyalties is the best way to transform the trauma into inspiration.