Dr. Richard Urso recently asked the (rhetorical) question, considering the never-ending march to 100% “vaccination” of the entire American population: “Is there anyone who should not be vaccinated?” According to our government, the answer is, of course, “no.” The reason why may surprise you. The vaccine campaign is simply part of a much larger effort to ensure the dependency of every American on government, and the media and corporations it serves.

It is irrefutable and undisputed that the shots neither confer immunity nor protect against either infection or transmission of disease. Growing evidence reveals that these drugs significantly (by a factor of two) increase one’s likelihood of becoming sick. All-cause mortality for those who have been injected is between 20% and 100% higher compared with the non-injected population in several European nations. Due to intentionally sloppy and misleading data collection, here in the United States, we simply do not know to what degree the “vaccines” are increasing death rates for a disease that is now, simply put, no more dangerous than the common cold. Clearly, these drugs are not being coerced and forced upon Americans to benefit their health. So why do they continue to be distributed at all?

Government, media, and large corporations have colluded to attack every element of American life that preserves independence. The drugs serve as the latest weapon in a much larger war being fought against male and female, the authority of the parent, marriage, local community, civic organizations, the church, police, gun ownership, education, private transport, and energy. What do all these things have in common? They protect the independence of the American citizen. Once they are destroyed or seized, the people have only government and its sponsors to rely on for their survival.

Radio show host Dennis Prager has said that human beings do not naturally yearn to be free but rather to be taken care of. Our government has taken advantage of that universal human weakness by offering the promise of a life-saving drug to protect against a disease that threatens every living American. This offer, however dishonest, appeals to our instinct to be protected from harm—to be taken care of. It requires a conscious, thoughtful decision to reject this seductive proposal. Most Americans cannot do this today.

The recent United States Supreme Court decision allowing hospitals to require healthcare workers to be injected, if the hospital accepted federal funding, is the most recent example of the many Faustian bargains recently made between government and industry, with the ultimate victims being the employees of these institutions. Essentially, what this decision says is, “Government owns you.” Accepting Medicare and Medicaid comes with a price—your right to determine what drugs enter your body.

From a psychological point of view, the state has begun to rapidly move toward the total usurpation of the role of the father. Fewer and fewer Americans today have had the experience of receiving the protection and care of a real father—close to half of all Hispanic children and more than half of all black children in the United States are born to single mothers. Even among educated, financially stable urban white households with two parents, many fathers are simply absent, abandoning their fathering responsibilities to their wives. For a variety of reasons, a growing number of Americans have come to accept government as a surrogate father, even when that father abuses them.

Are the injections meant to depopulate our nation? To create a national tracking database? To fill our blood with radio transmitters? The answer may be something much simpler, yet far worse: to ensure a population of dependent, passive, disempowered workers living under the thumb of a government that cares nothing for their well-being. The medical battle was won a long time ago. We are now in a larger war between tyranny and the very survival of our independence as Americans.

Mark McDonald, M.D.

Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis