Europeans roundly rejected collectivism in recent EU parliamentary elections, sending a shock wave through the socialist political backbone of the continent. That wave appears to have crossed the Atlantic. American conservatives are finally winning elections in large numbers again. In other words, common sense is winning.

"The ultra-right has taken over Europe."

This is how every legacy news organization described the results of the recent election. From France to Finland, Ireland to Cyprus, "nationalist, anti-immigrant" voters seized seats from the internationalist, environmentalist, socialist Left. In France, 96% of all districts voted in favor of the conservative party, an unprecedented political event that led President Macron to announce a no-confidence motion for the national government, requiring a new election. It appears that no one even saw this coming.

What are the "ultra-right" issues these European voters support? Simply put, they want their nations' borders closed, their nations' languages honored, and their nations' traditional family structure protected. The massing outpouring of "conservative" support has much less to do with economics than it does with culture. Malmo, Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. Italy is overrun with illegal immigrant criminals.

Perhaps the final straw in France was the beheading of a high school teacher by the father of one of his students, a Muslim, who took offense at the display of a photograph of a statue of Mohammad during art class.

Pretending that uncontrolled immigration is a net benefit to the nation is all fun and games, until your teacher loses his head. Then common sense takes over.

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