Scarlett Johansson has accused Open AI of stealing her voice to create ChatGTP’s most popular voice, Sky. Open AI CEO Sam Altman denies any voice misappropriation but has replaced the Johansson-soundalike voice with another that doesn’t resemble her at all, although the new voice is still called Sky.

I have no doubt accusations of artificial intelligence-driven voice and image impersonation will proliferate as the technology becomes cheaper, more accessible, and more widely adopted.

Several students at Beverly Hills High School were recently suspended after using an AI “nudify” app to generate naked images of girls at school and then distribute them on social media.

From A-list celebrity to the average American teenager, every American is now potentially affected by AI technology. There really is no way to fully escape it anymore. The risk of full-on AI adoption, though, is much greater than a pandemic of deep fake nudes.

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